'How COVID transformed a die hard restaurant goer into a home chef' with Beth Myers

This weeks guest is Beth Myers, amazing photographer, lover of all animals (even the delicious ones) and occasional rebel. She definitely …

'Oh shit I need to chop that' with Marie Bicker

Today, Foodie Flashback is going multilingual. Don’t worry, we’re still speaking English, but this time it’s with a German accent.

Italian Food Coma Zone with TheMacMommy

This weeks guest is very well known in the Apple podcast sphere, one could say she’s everyone’s mommy. Pardon the pun.

'If it's not chocolate it's not dessert' with Tom Ferry

This week I had the great pleasure of interviewing Tom Ferry, a self-proclaimed non-foodie, first time podcaster and somone who remembers a time when …

Japanese German Fusion with Jerome Koehler

Jerome is not really a foodie, or so he says. He certainly does enjoy eating well, though. And so he takes us on an adventure through his German/Texan …

Scientific Chocolate Cake with Jeff Gamet

This week, Jeff Gamet joins me to talk about a kid who discovered that baking chocolate cake wasn’t just a lot of fun, it was also a very …

Offal Good with Ewen

Most people will probably know Ewen either for the long running technology podcasts he has been creating for over 10 years, or his awesome photography …

Culinary World Tour with Doc Rock

In this, the very first episode of Foodie Flashback, I’m joined by my good friend and fellow Podcaster Doc Rock. He takes us on a culinary tour …


Coming soon. A new podcast for your ears, hearts and minds. Almost everyone has a favorite kind of food they get very nostalgic about.

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