#10: 'Sneaking out at night to get street food' with Hauwa Abashiya

Kosai with Yaji (Fried Bean fritters and hot dry pepper mix). Source: Hauwa
Kosai with Yaji (Fried Bean fritters and hot dry pepper mix). Source: Hauwa
Published: Jun 10, 2020
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From the Northern parts of Nigeria, to the rainy UK, Hauwa has certainly seen a lot in her life.
Growing up in Nigeria, her dad - being a fan of a diverse set of cuisines - exposed her to a lot of international foods, while her mom liked to keep it more local. And so she grew up appreciating both the amazing local food as well as the highlights from all around the world. American Cinnamon Rolls, Italian Pasta or Sloppy Joes are just a few of the things she enjoyed very much (plus Danish food she can’t remember, but says it was good too). And on occasion, she would sneak out… to get some local street food. That’s the kind of Foodie she already was back then :)

Today, she loves going back to the dishes of her childhood, and giving them another go. Or making Cinnamon Rolls, because… you know… they’re the best thing in the world.



Breakfast - can be heavy:

Lunch - soups usually accompanied with Tuwo (like a dense mash but made from either yam, skin of yams, unripe plantain, rice, maize, guinea corn, wholewheat, semolina or acha):

Dinner tends to be light:

Hauwa can be found at:
Hawiea (Twitter)

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