#7: 'Oh shit I need to chop that' with Marie Bicker

Published: May 17, 2020
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Today, Foodie Flashback is going multilingual. Don’t worry, we’re still speaking English, but this time it’s with a German accent.

I hired Marie straight out of school a few years ago as my assistant (at first) and we quickly became friends. Not a huge surprise since we both like good food, good wine and good drinks. Plus she’s incredibly easy to get along with. Today, she’s a Product Owner for a Health Insurance company in Germany.

Today, she talks about how her grandma, working at a hotel, instilled a service mindset in her. And how family events were more about the social aspects, with food and wine serving more as something that could be enjoyed together.
To this day, it’s how she thinks about people and about social situations. And so it’s no surprise to anyone, that her interest in cooking only goes as far as it’s a fun activity she can do with friends. While drinking wine. Or Gin. Preferably both!


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