#17: 'PB&J Foodie' with Brett Terpstra

Source: Brett Terpstra
Source: Brett Terpstra
Published: Jan 21, 2021
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Most people know Brett as a prolific creator of apps and tools. Or as someone who likes to talk about Taylor Swift on podcasts. Today, however, he is talking about food. Something that he’s never done before on a podcast.

Brett definitely has lots of interesting stories to tell. Like how he went vegetarian to impress a girl. And then stuck to it for almost his entire adult life. Or how he used to eat food out of dumpsters because he had “other priorities” and the only good meal he would have was from a lovely Thai restaurant whose owner became almost like a father to him.

The one thing that sticks out when Brett talks about food is how he approaches it with almost scientific curiosity. He strives to understand how food works and how it was discovered. For example, early on he loved to learn how sugars change when heat is applied. And so, even though he doesn’t consider himself a Foodie, he certainly knows a lot about it. Somehow, that is something his tech life and his kitchen life have in common.

Oh and his favorite food? PB&J.


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