#16: 'Marrying Wood with Meat' with Chris Ashley

Source: Chris Ashley
Source: Chris Ashley
Published: Oct 18, 2020
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Coming from a Jamaican family and with his mom being an amazing cook, Chris certainly had food in his veins. And so it’s not surprising that, at a very young age and after working at two restaurants at the same time, he became the assistant manager of a local fast-food restaurant. How did he get there? By using his smarts, working hard, and, admittedly, being young and cocky…

Eventually, he left the food industry and worked his way up in the IT business. His passion for food didn’t just disappear though. And not long after, he discovered the amazing world of BBQ. In this episode, Chris tells us his secret sauce for a really good BBQ!


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Intro music: “Child’s Play” by Alex Nekita (alexnekita)

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