#15: Parenting in the Kitchen with Adam Christianson

Adam Christianson (Source: Adam Christianson)
Adam Christianson (Source: Adam Christianson)
Published: Sep 15, 2020
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Adam is a long time podcaster and Apple enthusiast. His show ‘Maccast’ has long been a staple of the wider Apple community.

Growing up in California, Adam describes the style of food he to this day enjoys as ’typical American cuisine’, heavily influenced by readily available (and good!) Mexican food.

Things changed though, when his kids were born and grew older.
Wanting to provide a healthy environment and also save some money, he and his wife became more and more interested in cooking, even leaving the comforts of American cuisine to venture out into the wide world of food. They also very intentionally approached the topic of cooking with his children, wanting to make sure they are well prepared for when they leave the nest…


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